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Miracle on Mckinnon 2015

Neil Lemons + Libby Day - Dallas

Myself and Elizabeth Sara Day

Advocacy and charitable functions are big in Dallas. In a city of full wealth and abundance, that is often viewed by outsiders as lavish and over-indulgent, balance is met by giving. Speaking of charitable functions, my significant other Elizabeth Sarah Day and I attended Miracle on McKinnon this last Saturday.  

As a publisher, writer, and social media personality, my plus one and I were “on the list”. Others donated $75 a person to attend for this good cause. I was on the receiving end of being a media member, aka “Influencer.” In the future, I’ll talk more about Influencer Marketing and how you can use this to pack your events, or make those that attend feel extra special, which becomes reciprocal in nature for your own social calendar.

The focus behind Miracle was to provide an opportunity for young professionals to give back to their community during the holidays. The organizers chose Children’s Medical Center Foundation as the beneficiary for the function.

The evening took place at Marie Gabrielle Restaurant and Gardens, located conveniently in the heart of Uptown. This restaurant was right across the street from MoneyGram corporate, where I used to work.

The ticket included premium drinks and carefully crafted hors d’oeuvres catered by Marie Gabrielle. All proceeds were donated directly to Children’s Medical Center Foundation (501(c)3).

By my own estimation, there were 300 or 400 people that attended. The PR folks at did a great job given that it was quite a success.