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Seminar in LA with Eben Pagan


I’m in Los Angeles, California, right now, not far from LAX, seeing one
of my business and personal heroes and his guest speakers give a seminar.
This guy has influenced me in many ways over the last seven years since
I have been on his email list His style of marketing, coaching communication,
and the specific advice he has shared has influenced the book titles I have
read, the relationships I have had, my choice of occupation, and my own
business-based exit strategy plan. Even now I am using
some of the health rituals he has researched and shared. I have learned
a lot about business, psychology, and principles of offering true value from
him, have no idea how my life would be different if I would have never
discovered him (even though I never met him in person until today).

For the next three days, I will be engrossing myself with what this man
and the people he has deemed worthwhile have to say.
His name is Eben Pagan and what he teaches is powerful stuff all based
on book research and mentoring that has mapped some of the greatest
minds and thinking of our time.

I highly suggest you check out his programs: