Do you Believe in Hypnosis?

Hypnosis has been practiced since the late 1800s, although many of the most effective techniques were discovered in the 1970s. Lately, learning about hypnosis has been a fascinating subject to me. I’m not talking about cheesy stage shows where people bark like dogs or lip sync to pop songs for the audience’s enjoyment, but the kind that actually helps people achieve personal goals and break bad habits in which the conscience mind is standing in the way of — smoking cessation, weight loss, gaining confidence, phobia extinction, business success.

By doing some research I found the only accredited hypnotherapy college in the US. It may not be the only accredited one, but it’s the only .edu that has a verifiable curriculum and government-funded financial aid (like any other private or public university). They have been running the program for 40 years (1968).

I am considering their distance learning course, which is free. Some may say, “You get what you pay for,” but they have addressed why they use this freemium business model, and it will be worth it to at least get the basics without having to invest too much yet. Of course one can not learn to build a house by watching a video or reading about it, just as you can not learn to hypnotize solely by listening to online lectures.

If I do take the course, I would plan on finding a mentor here in Dallas, in which I would plan to trade services with while under his/her part time tutelage. By the time I get certified I will have already owned the domain for a few years and with a little marketing can have an automatic part time practice. Secondly after a couple years in practice, I could use some of my future expertise to diversify my info marketing exit plan.

I studied psychology in college for my first two years before changing majors. I am still fascinated by it. My love for the theories became overshadowed by thoughts of having to listen to people’s problems for hours on end. I have recently felt the need to want help more people and I feel like hypnosis may achieve faster results and more people can be served.