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21 谷歌搜索技巧 You'll Want to Learn

betway体育大多数人每天都使用谷歌, 但许多人可能只是触及了搜索引擎力量的表面. 这是如何 to get better results from a Google search.


谷歌是一种无处不在的产品,甚至衍生出了自己的动词 86% 在全球网络搜索中, 和 thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, anyone can search for anything from anyw在这里—all you need is an internet connection. 这意味着谷歌服务 数十亿 搜索一天.

人们很容易认为现代网络搜索对你的作用是理所当然的, 但谷歌让互联网变得天衣无缝真的很神奇. 谷歌可以告诉你天气, 翻译语言, 词语定义, 给你方向, 做更多的事情. When was the last time you argued with friends over something 和 didn't check Google for the answer?

Even if you use Google multiple times a day, 关于搜索引擎,你可能还有很多不了解的地方. If you've ever struggled to get the results you want, or just want to know a few inside tricks, the tips below will improve your Googling skills.

1. 使用操作符优化搜索


Google's search algorithm is remarkably adept at returning the information you are looking for—even when you aren't exactly sure yourself. But for those times when Google doesn't seem to be giving you exactly what you need, t在这里 are a few ways you can refine your search results with what are called operators.

Use quotations (" ") to search for the exact phrase: 如果你搜索 帕特里克·斯图尔特年轻, you will get results that have all those words, but not necessarily in the order you search. By adding quotations 和 searching "帕特里克·斯图尔特年轻。” 你只会得到包含所有这些单词的结果.

Add a tilde (~) in front of a word to find synonyms: 当您想要搜索一个特定的单词和该单词的任何同义词时. 如果你搜索 iPhone便宜~,你也会得到“iPhone便宜,等等.

Exclude terms with a minus (-) symbol: 用减号排除所有你不想要的项e.g. 最好的安卓应用 for results that omit roundups of top Android apps.

插入两个周期(..) between numbers to search for a range: If you want to narrow results to a date or price range, use two periods in between the numbers. You could be looking for a computer within a certain price range, so you could search 电脑500美元..$900 to only get results that fit into that range.

Find one result or the other with OR: 如果你在寻找一个或另一个主题的结果, 但是没有其他的, use the OR modifier to get more accurate results. 例如,搜索 betway体育必威betwayapp 会显示与这两个词相关的结果,但是搜索“betway体育和必威betwayapp,为你提供关于betway体育和必威betwayapp的单独链接.

Add 必威betwayapp: to search a single web必威betwayapp: If you want results from one specific website, use 必威betwayapp: followed directly by the site URL you wish to use. You must include the site's 域, e.g. 谷歌照片提示必威betwayapp:个人电脑.com, 而不是 谷歌照片提示必威betwayapp:个人电脑.

搜索的文件类型: 如果你在互联网上寻找一种特定类型的文件,使用 文件类型: to search only for uploaded files that match your query. 例如,使用 文件类型: pdf 查找PDF或 文件类型:医生 to locate a Microsoft Office document. 您可以找到可搜索文件类型的全面列表 在这里.

搜索相关必威betwayapp: 搜索 for similar websites by using the 相关: 显示相关结果的限定符. 搜索 相关:亚马逊.com brings up results including Walmart 和 Overstock. 搜索 相关:谷歌.com 雅虎和必应.

For a comprehensive set of 搜索修饰符, check out 本指南.


Don't want to learn all these modifiers? You can use them in an advanced Google search. 从谷歌结果页面,单击齿轮图标并选择 高级搜索 打开一个新的高级搜索页.

This feature allows you to enter keywords or phrases in specific fields instead of relying on specific modifiers. Results can be narrowed even further by 语言, 地区, 最后一次更新, 域, 词的位置, 明确内容, 文件类型, 和使用正确的. Image searches can also be narrowed by image size, aspect ratio, color, 和 image type.

While you can't create an 高级搜索 on mobile, you can filter your image search. 点击你的图片搜索顶部的滑块图标来过滤最近的图片, GIF, 高清图片, 图片的产品, color, 和使用权利.

3. 设置时间限制


Looking for only the latest news about a subject or trying to find information relevant to a specific time frame? 使用谷歌的搜索工具在桌面和移动过滤您的搜索结果. 在桌面上,点击 工具 在放大镜图标下. 在手机上,滑动到谷歌搜索类型列表的末尾并选择 搜索工具.

Select 任何时候 打开一个下拉菜单,可以帮助你把搜索结果缩小到过去一小时, 24小时, 周, 月, 和年. 桌面用户可以选择 自定义范围 输入具体日期.


谷歌在大多数浏览器上支持“反向”图像搜索. This function allows you to upload an image file 和 find information on that image. 例如, if you uploaded a picture of the Eiffel Tower, 谷歌会认出它,并为你提供有关巴黎纪念碑的信息. 它也适用于人脸, 和 can direct you to websites w在这里 the image appears, 确定一件艺术品, or show you 图片 that are "visually similar."

去谷歌图像,只是拖放一个图像到搜索栏. 您也可以单击相机图标上传图片或输入图片的URL. (这是如何 to do a 倒像 search on your phone.)

5. 谷歌搜索黑暗模式


谷歌现在有自己的暗模式选项,可以把你的搜索结果变成黑色. From a search results page on the desktop, click the the 设置 齿轮在右上角和选择 黑暗的主题 的外表下. (在谷歌.,也可以单击右下角的“设置”选择 搜索 设置 > Appearance > 黑暗的主题.)您也可以选择 设备默认 so it matches your other theme settings.

On mobile, select the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of Google's search results 和 choose 黑暗的主题 切换开关.


Whether you want to figure out a tip on a meal or create a complex geographical rendering,谷歌 search has you covered with the ability to do basic calculations directly in the search bar. 例如,搜索 34+7 3乘以7,也就是67美元的20%.42 will prompt a 计算器 below the bar with the correct answer already filled in. Or just search "计算器" to input your own equations.

Super math nerds can create interactive 3D virtual objects (on desktop browsers that support WebGL) by plugging in an equation that uses "x" 和 "y" as free variables. Or plug in different numbers along with some cos(x)s, sin(y)s, 和 tan(x)s 和 see what renders.

7. 使用谷歌转换单位


Google will also help you convert just about anything. 你可以搜索 38摄氏度10盎司磅, 甚至 17.5毫米光年. 谷歌将提供答案 为进一步的转换提供交互式转换计算器.

另外, you can find up-to-date currency conversion rates without needing to know the official currency symbol ($, €, 等.)或ISO指示符(i.e. USD for the US dollar or GBP for the British pound). Google's algorithm is able to discern sentence-style queries to provide an answer, 交互图, 和 a 计算器 for further conversions.

例如,搜索 在冰岛是38美元 返回截至1月1日的答案. 38美元等于4890美元.60冰岛克朗. 搜索 1比特币(美元) 透露它的价值接近3.5万美元. 转换表还将包括其他加密货币,如以太坊和 Dogecoin.


Ask Google search to define unfamiliar words (or two-word phrases) by typing the word followed by 定义/定义. 这将提示谷歌返回一个带有定义的卡片, 发音, 和—when available—a detailed etymology. Sometimes Google will define the word inside the autocomplete box before you press 搜索.


Wondering w在这里 that delivery has gone? 你可以追踪(大多数) 在你的搜索栏. Just paste the tracking number into search 和 Google will recognize it 和 display the package's current status. 一个链接将带你到运营商的官方跟踪页面,了解更多细节.

10. 东京现在几点了?


计算时差是困难的,所以为什么不让谷歌为你做这项工作? 类型 (任何位置), which could be the name of a country, city or (if it's in the US) a ZIP code, 返回一张包含您搜索的最新当地时间的卡片. 这比手动计算提前或落后多少小时要好得多.

11. 搜索日出和日落


想知道你所在地区的太阳何时升起或落下? 搜索 日出 or 日落 谷歌会根据你的设备给出答案 当前位置. 你也可以搜索其他地点的日出/日落时间.

12. 搜索天气


Find out the 天气 in your area by typing 天气. 当你输入时,自动补全可能会给你今天的预测, but a full search will present an interactive card with 天气 information for the location of your IP地址,由天气频道提供. 如果你正在旅行,或者只是想知道其他地方的情况,搜索一下 天气(任何位置), e.g. 天气托莱多,哦 or 阿富汗喀布尔的天气.

13. 实时股票报价


类型 in any publicly traded company's ticker symbol 和 Google will present real-time price information on that company, e.g. google (字母), apple (betway体育),或 amazon (亚马逊). 大多数较大的交易所都是实时的,不过谷歌提供了一个 全面的免责声明 因为交易所被延迟了.

14. 检查飞行时间


如果你要去机场或接爱人, type in a flight number 和 Google will return a card with up-to-date times 和 terminal/gate information. If you're looking to book a flight, check out 谷歌的航班 在网上找到最便宜的航班.

15. 找到流媒体的位置


It's almost impossible to keep track of what movies are 流媒体 on which services, but Google does the valiant job of keeping track for you. Just search for the movie or show you wish to watch 和 a card will list all the 视频流媒体服务 现在已经有了. 选择该服务,它会将你链接到网页或应用程序中的视频.

To help you keep track of all the stuff you want to watch, choose Watchlist to save it for later. 然后搜索 我的观察名单中 to see all the movies 和 shows you have yet to watch.


Google has a host of built-in games 和 tools you can access by Googling them, including 吃豆人, tic tac toe, Solitaire, Minesweeper, 和 Snake. 搜索 抛硬币 和 Google will do it for you; same thing with a die or spinner. T在这里 is also a built-in, metronome, breathing exercise, bubble level (on mobile) 和 a color picker.

17. 启动一个计时器


搜索 计时器 用一个五分钟定时器(或者 秒表 时间点). 要更改时间,请单击并输入您想要的时间. 新闻 开始. The countdown will continue even if you navigate to a new tab; you'll get a warning if you try to close the tab with the 计时器 by accident. The remaining time will show on your browser tab; once it's up, an alarm will sound 和 the tab will display an hour-glass icon until you click OK to silence it.


18. 拼写这些数字


6,546,345,645怎么拼? 谷歌可以告诉你是否搜索 [数字]=英语. A card will show you that it's six billion five hundred forty-six million three hundred forty-five thous和s six hundred forty-five.

19. 创建谷歌告警


如果您希望在web上发布关键字时收到通知,请创建一个 谷歌警报. 向跟踪添加主题, 然后,通过确定您应该收到通知的频率来定制警报, 什么来源, 语言, 区域也应该包括在内, 会显示多少个结果, 和 to what email address it should be delivered.

A preview will show you what the alert will look like with existing stories already indexed by the Google. 从主警报屏幕, you can manage all your results by having them sent at a certain time or all in one email.

20. 过滤器明确内容


让孩子使用电脑? Protect them from 明确内容 with 谷歌的安全搜索功能. 从搜索结果页面,单击右上角的齿轮图标,并切换 明确的结果过滤 选择在. Though Google admits it's not 100% accurate, it's intended to filter out explicit links, 图片, 或者可能被认为不适合所有年龄段观众观看的视频. For a more robust solution, check out our picks for the 最佳家长控制软件.

21. 我有别的感觉


Remember Google's "我感到幸运" button? 在谷歌.com, type in a search term 和 click 我感到幸运 to be immediately taken to the first search result. 当你知道你在找什么时,这是一个节省时间的好方法. 然而,谷歌增加了一个新功能,可以帮助你找到其他东西.

Before you type anything into Google, 鼠标悬停在“我感觉很幸运”按钮上,文字将会改变. It may change to "I'm Feeling Adventurous," which will provide you with a coin to flip. "I'm Feeling Hungry" will Google nearby restaurants. "I'm Feeling Trendy" will show you recent Google trends. 每天都会有不同结果的新建议.



Engineers like to have fun, too, 和 on Google, t在这里 are a number of search-related Easter eggs. 如果你想要一些惊喜的话,下面是一些可以搜索的单词或短语:

  • 先: 利用电流 Wordle现象,谷歌 wordle for a logo inspired by the web game on the top left.

  • 回文构词法: Google will ask if you meant "Nag A Ram."

  • 定义回文构词法: Google will ask if you meant "nerd fame again."

  • the answer to life the universe 和 everything: 答案是42.

  • 歪斜的: 你的屏幕会倾斜.

  • Bl等hley Park: Google will decode the name under the Google Maps card.

  • 眨眼HTML: “HTML”和“blink”会在搜索页面上闪现.

  • 做滚桶运动 or Z或r两次:屏幕将做360度.

  • 音乐节: A Festivus pole is added to the left side of the screen.

  • 谷歌在1998年: Google will look like it did from back in the day.

  • 谷歌标志历史: 参观谷歌标志的不同迭代.

  • 选框HTML: 搜索结果的数量将显示为一个字幕标志.

  • 递归: Google will ask if you meant "recursion."

  • 《必威betwayapp》: 一个动画的索尼克精灵将出现在搜索卡中. 点击他的惊喜.

  • 超级马里奥. 兄弟. 1985: 一个钱币方块的动画精灵将出现在搜索卡中. 点击它来抓取硬币.

  • Webdriver躯干: The Google logo will turn into colored blocks.


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