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创建一个必威betwayapp并不难, 但是一些与主机相关的术语和概念可能会令人困惑. 这些基本的虚拟主机建议将帮助你加快速度.

Updated 2021年11月17日

Web hosting 可能是互联网上最不受重视的元素. 你喜欢上网的一切podcasts,表情包,文章,推特,必威betwayapp,在线游戏, Netflix content—lives on a server that an individual or company pays to keep up and running so that you can access it. 简而言之,虚拟主机是在线体验中一个无形的基本元素.

如果你在考虑, say, 推出一个必威betwayapp, there are several basic web hosting aspects that you should be familiar with before starting the project. 尽管注册和使用提供商提供的服务相对容易 必威betwayapp建设软件 迅速创造一个有吸引力的, 功能的前端, 有很多相关的术语和概念需要你去理解. 正如你很快就会看到的,其中一些即使不是完全矛盾,也是令人困惑的. 以下是你在开户前需要了解的关于虚拟主机的信息.


1. 主机类型之间有很大的区别

If you've spent any amount of time on a web host's website, you've probably seen terms like sharedVPSdedicated云、WordPress和经销商. They represent the different web hosting types, but not every web host offers them all. 另外,托管类型之间存在着显著的差异.

几乎每个网络主机都提供共享主机服务 最便宜的虚拟主机. With shared hosting, your website shares a server and server resources with many other sites. 如果你想保持你的网络托管预算小, 不要期望有太多的交通, 共享主机是可行之路. 你应该期望每月支付少于10美元的这种虚拟主机类型. This level of hosting is really best suited for small sites that don't need a huge amount of bandwidth, however. 因为你和其他必威betwayapp共享资源, you should be prepared for the occasional slowdown should one of your site-mates start attracting a lot of visitors. 免费虚拟主机 如果你手头紧的话可以吗, 但它也有自己的警告(通常是广告和极低的服务器规格).

Larger businesses that expect big traffic to their sites should pick VPS or dedicated hosting, 每一个都提供了越来越强大的服务器规范. VPS主机就像一个高性能的共享主机, 除了很少有必威betwayapp共享服务器的资源, 哪个更隔离一些. VPS hosting costs more than shared hosting, but you should pay less than $100 per month.

专用主机将你的站点单独放置在一个服务器上, 所以它可以充分利用服务器的能量. This is the most expensive type of hosting; you may end up paying $100 per month or more for this raw power.

经销商举办 lets you start your own branded web hosting business without worrying about building the infrastructure from scratch. WordPress托管 lets you build a site in an environment that caters to the world's most popular content management system. And 云托管? That's an entirely different beast that lets you easily scale website power across multiple servers, 虽然并不是每个网络主机都提供这种服务. Yet. The pricing for these hosting tiers are all over the place, so shopping around is vital.

Check out our various explainer articles (linked to in the paragraphs above) for a deeper dive into each hosting type.

Bandwidth vs. 数据传输

2. 带宽和数据传输不一样

"Bandwidth" and "data transfer" are frequently used interchangeably to define the amount of data that your website serves to visitors, but the terms, technically, 没有相同的定义.

带宽表示一次可以传输的数据总量, while data transfer is the throughput or the actual amount of information that can be used over a given period of time—typically a month. 可以这样想:一个web主机可能有最大的5GB带宽, 但这取决于你的托管计划, 你的必威betwayapp可能每月只允许1GB的数据传输.

Note: If your website exceeds its allotted monthly 数据传输 due to a Reddit hit, for instance, a web host may slow your site's data transfer speeds or charge you a fee as a penalty. 它甚至可能会提示你升级到更高的主机层. It's good to know your site's data limitations before you run into situations like this.

3. 无限并不等于无限

Web hosts will entice you to sign up for their web hosting plans by tempting you with the promise of unlimited storage or monthly 数据传输. 这通常不是一个完全诚实的交易. Now, 我不会说这些网络主机是在撒谎, but the "unlimited" storage or 数据传输 boasts nearly always have limitations that vary by company. FatCow, for example, 提供“大量”的磁盘空间, and states that there's no cap on a user's content—as long as that person remains fully compliant with the company's terms of service and utilizes storage "for the normal operation of your FatCow website." It's just like the bottomless shrimp buffet: Eventually a restaurant will cut you off, 如果他们不先把虾吃完的话.

Unlimited storage and 数据传输 are typically associated with shared or WordPress plans, 他们会让你在一定的范围内狂放不羁. 如果你的博客获得了稳定的流量(不管这意味着什么)!),你的地位会很好. 但是,您不应该期望每天上传或传输50TB的数据. The average joe isn't doing that is likely dabbling in some questionable activities.

你应该咨询网络主机的服务条款, 或者是客户服务代表, to learn exactly what you can and cannot do within the scope of your plan's unlimited offering. For example, DreamHost 该公司在其必威betwayapp上表示,该公司并不跟踪“带宽或流量”, 所以你永远不用担心烦人的超额费用."


4. 硬盘驱动器/固态驱动器的权衡

如果你想注册共享虚拟主机, 你很可能会在传统的硬盘驱动器(HDD)服务器上获得空间. The advantage of an HDD-based server is that it can offer large storage amounts on the cheap. 当您升级到更强大的主机时, 如VPS和专用, 网络主机会让你选择在固态硬盘(SSD)上建立一个必威betwayapp。.

ssd服务器是一种快速的存储单元. SSD技术仍然相当昂贵, 因此,基于ssd的服务器通常携带的存储总量要比hdd小得多. You'll rarely see 1TB SSD servers, which is a number that's commonplace in the HDD arena.

The SSD vs. HDD的讨论很长,超出了本文的范围. 我推荐阅读汤姆·布兰特的优秀作品 SSD和HDD:有什么区别?

5. Linux服务器就可以了...大部分时间

Nearly every web host offers Linux as the operating system that powers their servers. In fact, I don't think I've reviewed a web host that lacked the free, open-source OS. 即使您不熟悉Linux, 你不需要在后台做任何特殊的工作来建立一个必威betwayapp. 必威betwayapp建设者使建设必威betwayapp变得轻而易举.

也就是说,如果您的站点需要ASP或ASP.NET scripting frameworks, you'll need to run with the Windows Server operating system. That's because the script your write and webpages your produce will only function in a Windows-based environment.

还有一个额外的好处:必威betwayapp的应用程序,比如 Office 或Outlook,与服务器轻松集成. The downside? Windows servers are incompatible with Linux-based, open-source software unless you do some tinkering. In addition, Windows服务器的价格大约比Linux服务器高出10到20美元, 但如果你需要必威betwayapp的工具,这是一个小的溢价. Linux vs. Windows:如何为你的必威betwayapp选择最好的服务器操作系统 分解你需要知道的关于这些操作系统的一切.

更多的虚拟主机建议,请查看 学习如何建立必威betwayapp的最佳课程 and 10个简单但强大的SEO技巧来提高你的必威betwayapp流量.


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