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Alexa, Show Me the Best 亚马逊回声显示 提示 和 技巧

亚马逊的Echo Show设备, which include touch screens in addition to their speakers, have their own special features. These tricks will help you make the most of Amazon's smart displays.

更新 2021年5月19日,
亚马逊回声显示 10 (图片:亚马逊)

最顶级的 聪明的人 can set timers, control smart home devices, play music, among other things. 但如果你是个视觉达人, Amazon's Echo Show lineup adds an interactive touch screen to display photos, 歌细节, 或视频通话.

Amazon has an Echo Show for every occasion, from the 10英寸版本 with a camera that can follow you around the room to the diminutive Echo Show 5. 更新 versions of the Show 5 和 the mid-size Show 8, plus a kid-specific Echo Show 5, 到达 在6月初.

图片:亚马逊 (亚马逊.com)

尽管音质, an Echo Show offers some unique advantages over its audio-only counterparts, including video conferences with people who have their own Echo Show or the Alexa app.

Many of the tips below require the Alexa mobile app on your smartphone (snag it for iOS or 安卓). It's how you control a number of settings for Amazon Echo devices, whether they have a screen or not. (At the very least, you need access to the 必威betwayapp.) Once your Echo Show is set up, read on for some tricks that make this touch-screen smart speaker such a treat.

Stop (or Start) the Background

To change the background imagery on your Echo Show, 打开Alexa应用程序, tap the hamburger menu in the lower right, 去 设置 > 设备 设置. 找到你的回声显示并点击 照片显示. Here, you can link the Echo Show to your phone's photos, 亚马逊的照片, or a Facebook account. 你 can also toggle on "Daily Memories" or "This Day" for highlights; manually pick only a h和ful of pics; or select just one pic. 说“Alexa, go to settings" (or swipe down from the top 和 tap 设置),然后点击 首页 & 时钟时钟 & 照片显示 > Personal Photos > Background 和 check off the linked services you want to use. 


Silk is the browser Amazon bundles on most Fire devices. (亚马逊 used to offer Firefox as an option, but the deal died in April.) So if you'll be browsing any 必威betwayapps, make sure Silk is set to do your bidding. 去 设置 > 设备 Options > Web Options > Browser 浏览器设置. Silk可以缩放网页, 保存的密码, offer safe browsing from dangerous sites, clear browsing data like history 和 饼干. Under Advanced, you can also change the search engine used from Bing to Google, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo.


There's no native 你Tube app 在Echo秀上 devices, but you can watch 你Tube videos by going into the Silk browser ("Alexa, 开丝”)和装丝.youtube.Com(手机必威betwayapp). Tap the bookmark icon in the toolbar up top to bookmark it.


It used to be the only native video streamer 在Echo秀上 was, naturally, Amazon Prime的视频. Now there's support for more (at least for now). For example, say "Alexa, launch Netflix" to get the app on screen. 我没法让Hulu工作, but found 你Tube (via the browser), 厨房食品网, RedBull电视, Tubi.


图像通过亚马逊 (亚马逊)

像任何优秀的演讲者一样, the Echo Show has an equalizer that lets you adjust the level of bass, 中档, 和三倍. 你会找到它通过去 设置 > Sounds > Equalizer 在Echo秀上. 或者去 设备s > [your Echo Show] > [gear icon] > Audio 设置. Then drag the sliders to where you want them. But you don't really need to visit the sliders. Simply say "Alexa, turn up the treble" or "Alexa, turn down the bass," etc. And if it sounds terrible, yell "Alexa, reset the equalizer." (The equalizer is also available for Echo devices without a screen, just use the voice comm和s or the mobile app.)


得到了 亚马逊的音乐? 你 do if you have Amazon Prime, meaning you have access to about 2 million songs to play on your Echo Show. (支付额外的 亚马逊音乐无限 超过7000万曲调.) What's really great is the majority of those songs have lyrics you can view in real time as the music plays, 逐行, 就在Echo Show屏幕上. Tap the screen 和 you get controls for pausing, skipping back 和 forth in an album or playlist, 设置列表为随机化, 或者重复播放. (Sorry, lyrics don't come up with rival 音乐流服务 比如潘多拉或Spotify.)

Don't Be Dim, Set the Brightness

Swipe down from the top of the Echo screen for quick access to 设置 和 the Do Not Disturb (DND) function (或说“Alexa, 请勿打扰”). Using that dims everything for a while, it won't light up when you move in front of it. 更重要的是,有一个 slider for setting the screen brightness 从1到10的等级. 这是唯一的办法. If you say "Alexa, set brightness to 10," she'll just tell you to swipe down on the screen.


Do Not Disturb (DND) can be activated with a quick swipe down, 或说“Alexa, activate do not disturb" or "Alexa, 不要打扰我." DND stops Alexa itself from disturbing you, prevents 的视频通话 from people you know who also have an Alexa-based device.

The smart thing to do is schedule a regular set of DND hours. In the Alexa mobile app, go to 设置 > 设备 设置 找到你的回声秀. Select the gear icon on the upper right, then Do Not Disturb > Scheduled. 设置开始和结束时间. That'll keep callers from dropping in on you via Alexa during your off hours, dim the screen during that time as well.


Want a brief respite from the glow of your Echo Show's tiny little monitor? 你 don't have to power it off completely. Say, "Alexa, turn off your screen" 和 she'll go blank. Muttering the wake word or touching the screen again will bring it back. (Simply using the on-screen dimmer slide control doesn't blank the screen entirely.) Amazon has some other tips in the video above.


Pretty much any movie trailer you can think of is available to watch 在Echo秀上, all you have to do is say "Alexa, show me the trailer for movie [TITLE]." It does get picky sometimes on the title; 看到:螺旋 没有工作,但是 循环:看到 做了.

Restrict Access to Search 和 Video

得到了 a kid or two at home using the Echo Show to watch or search for questionable material? 阻止他们. 在Echo秀上请点击 设置 > Restrict Access. From there you can restrict access to the following:

  • 亚马逊的照片 (Note: This will prevent the photos from working as your slideshow background.)

  • 电影预告片

  • Web浏览器 (块所有搜索)

  • 网络视频搜索 (你 can turn on a SafeSearch to limit mature content.)

  • 视频提供商

Note that some of the above changes may require you to enter your Amazon password, the 双因素身份验证 code, if you have that enabled. 你 can use the Alexa mobile app on your smartphone to activate 亚马逊的孩子 (以前被称为自由活动) to turn on parental controls that go even farther by setting time limits 和 even pauses devices on the little tykes.

Silence Is Golden With '利用Alexa'


There's a chance you don't really want to talk to your Alexa device. 在有屏幕的Echo秀上, you have the option to set up "利用Alexa"—a finger-pressing-a-button icon that is always on the screen (you can move it around). Tap 和 you get a screen with options for typing in a quick question, 查看天气, 设置一个计时器, 得到消息, 设定一个闹钟, 检查购物清单, more—you manage what is on the screen. It's great for checking the Echo Show in the dark of night when it might disturb someone to talk—or if you use the Show as an alarm clock by the bed.

To place the 利用Alexa button, go to 设置 > 可访问性 > 利用Alexa. To manage the 利用Alexa screen, touch the icon 和 click the Manage button. 如果单击“添加新”, you can type in something you would frequently ask Alexa—such as launching Echo Show skills—和 place it as a button so you don't have to repeat yourself.

Calling 和 Messaging Without Speech


类似于Alexa的Tap, Communication Without Speech displays a transcription of any messages left on your Alexa device by your contacts or family members, allows you to send messages to them by typing on your Echo Show screen. 在下面打开 设置 > 可访问性 > Communication Without Speech.

你 can also access your contacts on screen via the three-dot vertical ellipsis menu that appears on the home screen. If you don't like the typing—which is awkward as can be on an Echo Show—there's a microphone icon front 和 center so you can say something to be transcribed.

Naughty words get censored on screen by the Echo Show (but you can always see the original curse-laden messages in the mobile Alexa app on your phone).


Of course, making a "call" between Amazon Echo devices 很简单. 说“Alexa, call [NAME]" 和 use the name of a pre-set contact. That works for voice calls on any Echo 和 video calls with an Echo Show. 然而, the Show will try to default to video if both people have a screen, 所以说“Alexa, 视频开关,视需要而定, or look for the on/off button on the screen to toggle video off 和 make it a voice-only chat.

为了最好的安全, slide over the integrated camera cover found on most Echo Shows, so you can see them but they can't see you. End a call with "Alexa, hang up," or click the end button in the mobile Alexa app.


Skype 在Echo秀上 is not really a skill—which is what Amazon calls the "apps" for Alexa. 你 链接Skype账号 to Alexa via the mobile app (go to 设置 > Communication > Skype 激活). Then you say "Alexa, Skype [contact name]," or ask for a phone number "on Skype." If it's a video call, it should work with the Echo Show to the recipient on Skype.



这个很简单. 说“Alexa,拍张自拍" 和 after a warning 和 countdown from three, the front camera of the Echo Show takes a shot of you, 包括屏幕预览, 然后保存到亚马逊照片.

然而, there are more options than that. 你 can say "Alexa, share this photo" to put it into an album in 亚马逊的照片. Or wait 和 it'll bring up the Photo Booth, so you can take another single shot, 一个简短的视频, or a 4-shot like you'd get in a booth at the carnival. Then view the Photo Booth Album, which shows every image taken with the Echo Show in 亚马逊的照片.



The camera on the front of the Echo Show will not only take your pic, it can scan barcodes for products. 说“Alexa, scan" 和 line up the barcode to the one on the screen. If the product is in the Amazon catalog, it'll be added to your shopping list. 


其中的一个 可访问性函数 of the Echo Show is the VoiceView Screen Reader—it makes the show read aloud everything that appears on the screen. 你可以打开它 几种不同的方式, but the easiest method is to say "Alexa, Turn on [or off] VoiceView. 进入 设置 > 可访问性 > VoiceView Screen Reader 调整设置. (Once it's on, you'll need to start double-tapping the screen to get things to happen.) Options include setting reading speed, default volumes for speech vs sounds, how much should be echoed back to you as you type on the on-screen keyboard, all the actions you can have the show perform with different gestures using multiple fingers.


设置 > 可访问性 > Screen Magnifier 然后打开它. After that, you can triple-tap the screen to magnify what you see. 你 can then do the 2-finger pinch or release to zoom in or out.

Bring Something for 表演秀

图像通过亚马逊 (亚马逊)

Amazon is great at identifying products—all the better to sell you something. If you or someone you know has bad eyesight 和 can't tell, 例如, what kind of canned goods they might be opening, Echo Show可以帮上忙 表演秀. 说“Alexa, what am I holding" 和 hold up the goods in front of the camera about a foot away. Echo Show may direct you to line it up correctly or turn the product. Then, if it can tell what the product is, it'll tell you aloud.



Echo Show给你惹麻烦了? First, do the whole "unplug it 和 plug it back in" routine. 你 can also turn off an Echo Show by holding down the Mute button for a few seconds. (Power it back up again by holding down the mute button again.)

如果这没有帮助的话, 烹饪它, 可以这么说, by setting it back to the factory settings 和 starting fresh. 说“Alexa, go to settings" 和 tap 设备 Options > Reset to Factory Defaults. This kills all the settings you've put in place, from the name of your Echo Show to any linked accounts. 你'll have to go through the setup all over again.

你 can also do this in the Alexa mobile app. 去 设置 > 设备 设置 > find your Echo Show 和 click the gear icon > 工厂复位.


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