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Don’t let an online security incident take your business offline for good. We tell you how taking precautionary steps now can save you from future catastrophes.

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在医疗领域, 他们说一分预防胜过十分治疗, 网络安全也是如此. 在静脉, if you own a business or you are in charge of a corporation's website, what are you doing right now to protect against future online attacks? 最近,白宫警告俄罗斯 研究对美国关键基础设施的攻击,包括企业.


部署一个 安全套件 after an attack is a front-line effort to mitigate some of the damage from bad actors targeting web-based businesses. However, when it comes to online security, reactive solutions may not be enough. 正如个人电脑的Neil McAllister最近在一篇文章中指出的那样 关于为网络攻击做准备 因为俄罗斯入侵乌克兰, business owners also need to have a proactive plan in place to keep their operations online 和 prevent data loss.

乔希·科尼格(Josh Koenig)是该公司的首席战略官 万神殿, a web operations platform for Drupal 和 WordPress websites. I interviewed him recently about how businesses that maintain a website presence can better prepare to deal with the inevitability of a cyberattack.

金正日关键: 公司面临的网络安全威胁是什么?

Josh Koenig: 人们越来越需要担心 网络钓鱼诈骗ransomware. 一个聪明的攻击者会说, "I could make your website homepage very embarrassing for you now, 但如果你付我这些比特币, 我不需要这么做." 

People compromise websites 和 use it as a way to start compromising other websites by distributing more 恶意软件. I've even seen things where people will compromise a website 和 they'll put in a JavaScript tag that would normally be used to load an ad for something. But it loads a highly inefficient yet still functional Bitcoin miner that starts running in every end user's browser to try to get the attacker a fractional bitcoin.

KK: 小企业和大企业一样都是目标吗? 

JK: 绝大多数的妥协都不是直接的. 他们自动. It's not actually with the intent of getting any particular benefit out of the small business. 他们只是利用这个来攻击其他必威betwayapp. 他们不会去勒索宠物店的, but they are going to try to put 恶意软件 on everybody that visits the pet shop 和 then use that to get others. 所以在这个意义上, 小型企业必威betwayapp和个人必威betwayapp, they're under threat from all this automated activity just the same as the big sites are, 和 you see that the big sites sometimes fall prey to this stuff, 太. 

KK: What forms of cybersecurity software should companies invest in? 

JK: 从必威betwayapp的角度考虑, 一个现代, high-quality content distribution network that includes a bunch of the smart security stuff out of the box is a table stakes thing, but you'd be surprised like how many people just don't have that. 这是避开随机事件的方法 拒绝服务攻击 随机的恶意软件探测.

这真的是围绕建筑 单点登录 系统非常强大 双因素身份验证. 所以你的必威betwayapp不再需要密码了.

KK: What can businesses do to prepare themselves for a cyberattack scenario?

JK: Part of security is having the agility to respond when something does happen 和有 more automation around how you manage the website. 你需要考虑安装 杀毒 和有 设备管理.

If you do the right things 和 can orient your mindset around resiliency 和 responsiveness versus trying to be impervious or have zero risk, 外面有一个幸福的世界等着你. 你不需要害怕. I think there's a kind of confidence that comes from acknowledging that nothing is going to be a hundred percent, 但betway体育知道出问题时该怎么做.

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