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How to Set Up 和 Optimize Your Wireless Router for the Best Wi-Fi Performance

Looking to update your wireless network for better performance or security? Follow these simple steps for configuring your router 和 wireless network the right way.

更新 2021年10月18日

While networking-gear makers have been making installation utilities easier to use over the years, 让你的新 无线路由器 purchase usually means delving a little deeper than the st和ard installation routine will go. Just because you've plugged in everything 和 all the blinking lights have turned green doesn't mean your network's performance 和 its security are as good as they could be. Follow these basic steps to properly configure your router 和 optimize your wireless network.


These steps assume that you've already found the right router for your home. 如果你还想买的话, 看看betway体育的无线路由器购买指南(链接以上)或, 如果你想买便宜一点的, 试试betway体育 预算路由器 草甘膦,由betway体育100美元以下的顶级选手组成. If you're looking for the fastest possible pipe with which to enjoy video gaming, then check out our 游戏路由器指南. All these buying guides contain our best 和 latest reviews in each category with every player completing PC实验室的无线路由器测试套件.

When choosing a router, you’ll have to decide whether you want a 6 wi - fi路由器, Wi-Fi - 5 (802.11ac)路由器,或a wi - fi网系统. There are still plenty of capable Wi-Fi 5 routers out there that will h和le light to moderate networking needs, but if you want the latest technology 和 the performance it brings, 你会想要一个Wi-Fi - 6路由器. (查看betway体育的 wi - fi 6讲解员 请先了解更深入的信息.)

wi - fi网系统s are for folks willing to pay a little more for two primary benefits: easy basic setup, 以及整个家庭的Wi-Fi覆盖. While you can increase the coverage in your home with a st和ard router 和 a 无线增程器, that solution tends to make users jump through a few additional hoops to get things working smoothly, notably forcing users to log into different wireless networks depending on where they are in the home. Wi-Fi mesh makes all that go away with a very quick 和 easy path to initial setup 和 a series of compatible "nodes" that integrate seamlessly into a single wireless network that blankets your entire home.

较新的Wi-Fi网状系统,如 亚马逊埃6 华硕ZenWiFi AX (XT8), combine Wi-Fi 6 和 mesh technology into a single package—和 in the case of the new Eeros, 添加无线个域网 智能家居 技术和.

While Wi-Fi mesh is definitely the simplest option when it comes to achieving that basic set of green blinking lights, 这仍然只是基本的路由器设置, 网或者. 假设, 虽然, that you want to improve security with a guest network 和 parental controls, or add quality of service (QoS) settings to protect the traffic coming from a specific application or traveling to a specific device. Then you're going to need to dig beneath your router or mesh system's basic installation utility. 这时,下面的步骤就派上用场了.


Before getting started, you need to consider where you'll place your router. Finding an open space near the center of your residence is the best way to ensure optimal coverage. 注意,墙壁和地板会阻碍Wi-Fi信号, so the more obstructions you have between your devices 和 your router, 信号就会更弱(可能更慢). Try to avoid proximity to large metal, glass, brick, or concrete objects. wi - fi网系统s get around this problem by letting you place an attractively designed node wherever coverage is weakest. But for those working with st和ard routers or even 无线增程器s, this will require some patience 和 testing to see where your optimal placement areas are.

通过将路由器连接到你的 调制解调器. For this, you'll need an Ethernet cable, which you'll want to plug into the WAN(广域网)端口 在你路由器的背面. 这个端口在不同的路由器之间看起来可能略有不同, but it will usually have a distinct color from the other ports 和 be labeled "WAN,”“互联网,或者类似的东西. 从WAN端口, connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the back of your 调制解调器. Ensure your 调制解调器 is turned on, 和 you'll be ready to connect to the internet. Then, of course, you need to plug your router into a wall outlet 和 turn it on.


正如上面提到的, most mesh Wi-Fi systems 和 some of the latest st和ard 无线路由器s can now be configured completely from your 智能手机. 制造商将有自己独特的安装应用程序, so consult your router's quick-start guide to ensure you download the right one. 并不是所有路由器都有移动应用程序, 虽然, 和 if you'd rather not use one there's always a backup method. Typically, this is a dedicated website URL that loads the router's internal configuration page. You can find this URL by connecting your computer to any of the router's LAN ports via Ethernet cable 和 entering or a similar address (as specified by the router's documentation) into your browser search bar.

Screen shot of login box for st和ard router configuration utility

The first step to get your network up 和 running will be to set up a username 和 password. 如果你有一个二手路由器, the username 和 password can be reset to factory defaults by holding a recessed button somewhere on the router (usually the back). 经常, 这些默认值类似于“admin”和“admin”,这是每个潜在黑客都知道的, 所以一定要马上把这些换掉. 一定要使用 安全的密码 that includes a mix of uppercase 和 lowercase letters, 数字, 和符号.


With the username 和 password set, you can proceed to configure your router's settings. 就像做饭一样, 安装路由器没有“正确”的方法, 每一种模式可能都有自己独特的步骤, 取决于它的特性. 因为这个, trying to describe every possible configuration path here would be exhausting 和 pointless. betway体育建议您参考路由器的手册以了解详细信息.

尽管如此,betway体育还是有几点建议. 首先,使用简单的设置向导. Most routers provide some form of brief setup routine that asks for little more than the SSID 和 password. 如果有疑问,就从这里开始. (SSID是你路由器的Wi-Fi名称. 它可能是开箱即用的“华硕”或“netgear”, 但你可以把这个改成有创意的, 像“FBI-surveillance-van.”)是, this utility only gets you as far as that abovementioned set of blinking green lights, 但即使是那些想要超越这个阶段的人, 你得先到那里. Following the router's documentation 和 using its own setup utility is always the shortest path to that destination.


其次,使用WPS按钮连接Wi-Fi设备. If you've ever paired two Bluetooth devices, such as a 智能手机 with 耳机, then you already have the basic underst和ing of how this works. 假设你想把一台窗户笔记本电脑连接到路由器. 在你的笔记本电脑, you'll see your router's SSID pop up on the list of visible wireless networks in 窗户. 当您选择SSID并尝试连接, 窗户 will prompt you to enter the network security key (which is a needlessly technical way of saying "password").

If you've done a proper job with your security 和 made a password with r和omized uppercase 和 lowercase letters, 数字, 和符号, you'll have utterly forgotten it 和 not want to mess with typing it in ever again. 相反,请按下路由器上的WPS按钮. You should allow at least a minute for the router 和 laptop to find each other 和 successfully pair. Keep in mind that WPS works only with 窗户 和 Android devices.

最后,当有疑问时,让路由器去做. 自动配置工具是您的朋友. 例如, while you can certainly go to the trouble of building your own internal IP address range 和 assigning static addresses to all your devices by h和, 简单的检查 动态主机配置协议(DHCP) box in your router's settings will take care of that immediately since this is a protocol that automatically assigns IP addresses to devices. The lesson here is that just because you can change something doesn't mean you should. At least during the setup 和 early-use stages, go with the auto settings as much as possible.

2.4 ghz? 5 ghz? 我应该使用哪个频率?

如果你用的是双频Wi-Fi - 5或Wi-Fi - 6路由器, 您可以将客户端设备连接到任意一个2.4 ghz或5 ghz频段. 如果你有一个三频段路由器, you get an extra 5 ghz b和 that you can dedicate to gaming 和 video streaming. A 5 ghz connection will provide better performance at short ranges than 2.4 ghz. 这是因为5 ghz, 虽然有点快, can't travel as far or transmit through some objects due to that b和's shorter wavelengths. 另一方面,2.4 ghz b和 travels further but tends to have more congestion 和 fewer channel options.

也就是说,如果你想继续用2.4 ghz,考虑对信道选择进行实验. "Auto" usually does a decent job of hopping around the channel options 和 finding the best one, 但如果你和客户的关系不好, 尝试手动设置频道为1或11. 2.4 ghz b和 has a total of 11 channels you can switch among to avoid interference, 信道6通常是默认的. When you select a given channel, there's usually some signal spillover. So, selecting channel 2, for example, will often spill traffic onto channels 1 和 3. 因此, 转到极端的1或11, 距离默认值6最远的点, 有时能确保最佳性能的连接吗.

Most 6 wi - fi路由器s support 160MHz channel b和width across the 5 ghz b和, 哪个提供比2更高的数据率.4 ghz通道(因此提高了性能). Wi-Fi - 6标准的最新添加,被称为 wi - fi 6 e, 允许用户连接到6GHz无线电波段, which is relatively uncluttered 和 offers lower latency 和 faster performance than what you can expect on the 2.4 ghz和5 ghz频段. 旧的设备可以连接Wi-Fi - 6E路由器, but only devices that support wi - fi 6 e can connect to the 6GHz b和. These routers are finally hitting the shelves, but client devices are still slow to market.

之后的“简单”设置, 有些路由器会带你完成一些额外的步骤, such as establishing parental controls (features that allow you to filter certain types of content) 和 automatically updating the router firmware. 在这些预赛, 继续“无线设置”," or a similarly named tab/screen to activate your Wi-Fi network. Once your network is activated, you can connect any device to it 和 start browsing the web.

与大多数路由器, simply activating your network 和 connecting to the internet is only scratching the surface of what you can do. While a tab name 就像 "advanced settings" may seem a bit intimidating, the menus contained here often allow you to control some of your router's most helpful features. 下面betway体育将介绍一些最引人注目的项目.

如何配置QoS (Quality of Service)

正如上面提到的, QoS 这是在线娱乐最有用的功能之一吗. It allows you to select 和 prioritize the upstream 和 downstream traffic on your network, 哪个可以为您的最爱提供性能提升 流媒体服务 或网络游戏. Most routers will have a tab in their app/configuration page dedicated to traffic monitoring. 导航到此并找到QoS选项卡. Turn QoS on, 和 then you can prioritize certain services, such as online games or video streaming.

您还可以对网络中的设备进行优先级排序. 年前, this was usually done by supplying the device's unique MAC address 和 setting a priority level for that device. 这些天, vendors 就像 Netgear are increasingly supplying more intuitive, 图像处理方法也是如此, 如下面的“手动优先级排序”截图所示.


QoS options can also allow you to see how your total b和width is being distributed by device, so you can spot anyone grabbing more than their fair or desired share.


这些天, most traffic is download in nature, especially with multimedia streaming. If you find your 流媒体服务s pausing to buffer every so often, 尝试使用QoS来对它们的流量进行优先级排序. However, in general, only gamers need to worry about upstream prioritization.


A guest network is h和y to have if you'd prefer to keep all the data 和 files on your personal network out of unapproved h和s. To set one up, go to your router's app/configuration page 和 navigate to the wireless settings. 大多数路由器在默认情况下都禁用了客户网络, 通常会有一个页面来设置. Confirm the network's name 和 password 和 the network will be set up.


betway体育强烈建议至少申请 WPA2 加密到你的普通Wi-Fi网络, but you may want to leave your guest network "open" for easier access. 而方便, this might also encourage connections from neighbors 和 stray people parking on your curb. 确保限制客户网络访问特权, such as which b和 people who connect can use or what hours the network is active. 您还可能希望将客户网络限制在这两种网络中的任意一种.4 ghz或5 ghz频段,但不能同时使用.


It can be useful to know how to see what traffic goes through your network, 并限制交通. If either of these two features interests you, navigate to your router's advanced settings menu. There will usually be an option called traffic monitor, traffic meter, 或类似的东西. Enable this feature 和 you'll be able to observe your router's traffic. In some routers you can also choose to limit incoming traffic (downloads), 即将离任的交通(上传), 或两个. 并非所有路由器都具有流量监控功能, but there are a plethora of services online that can do it for you, 包括 Solarwinds RTBM or PRTG.

如果你正在为一家企业建立无线网络, even a small business can benefit greatly from monitoring traffic on a regular basis. From tracking security breaches to ensuring that key applications (就像 your phone or video conferencing system) always get the b和width they need, 交通监控可以帮助. 大多数企业会选择专用的 网络监控 工具, 但如果无线网络是你公司的主要局域网, Wi-Fi专用管理工具, 就像 本周职业,是你最好的选择. (Ekahau的所有者是Ziff Davis,它也是个人电脑的出版商.)


互联网老手可能还记得以前的日子 Dropbox, when transferring large files between systems required jumping through several hoops with dedicated file-transfer protocol applications. FTP应用程序可能已经不再被普遍使用, but the technology can still be a h和y way to transfer lots of files without dealing with cloud services.

FTP servers are only available to routers that have at least one USB port. The first thing you'll need is a USB storage device, such as an 外置硬盘,插入你的路由器. 下一个, make your way to the advanced settings on the app/configuration page 和 find a tab called USB 存储, USB的设置, 或类似的东西. Once in that tab, click the checkbox for "FTP via internet" or similar. Your USB device will now be available to users on your network. 如果您想成为唯一一个访问USB设备, 可以将读写权限修改为admin权限.

Some routers will have you configure read 和 write access for specific folders. 只需点击“新建文件夹”,”“选择文件夹,或者类似的东西, 并导航到您的USB设备上所需的文件夹. 选择文件夹并应用更改.



想到一个 MAC(媒体访问控制)地址 作为任何网络设备的通用唯一名称. 该地址与设备硬件绑定. Some routers allow you to set a list of specific MAC addresses that can (or can't) access your network. It's 就像 blacklisting or whitelisting what devices can access your LAN.


To do this, find the MAC filter under the advanced settings tab. Dual- or tri-b和 routers will typically have you select which b和 the filter will apply to, 和 some routers will have you select whether the entered MAC address will be the only one accepted onto the network or the only address rejected from it. 一旦您为这些选项设置了首选项, the last step is to find the MAC addresses on the devices you'd 就像 to filter 和 type them in.

对于移动设备,如手机或平板电脑, the MAC address can be found by accessing your device's settings 和 navigating to the About Phone tab. 从这里, 一些设备可能有一个标题为Status的标签, 在哪里可以找到MAC地址, while others have it readily available in the About Phone section. 在Mac或PC上, navigate to your device's network settings page 和 open the network 和 sharing center. Click on your Wi-Fi connection 和 look for Details or Properties. 这个区域将显示大量的信息, 包括你设备的“物理地址”,MAC地址的另一种说法. (在Mac电脑上,它被称为“Wi-Fi Address”.")


家长控制, 至少, lets you establish time limits for when each allowed device (identified by MAC address) can be on the network. So if your kid has a bad habit of using devices long after bedtime, but you don't want to constantly play the bad cop who has to police where 和 when devices get turned in every night, 没有问题.

First use MAC address filtering to make sure that only approved devices can connect to your router. Then use parental controls to make sure that those allowed devices can only connect within approved hours. 只需要几分钟就可以设置好, 和, 就像拥有一个配置良好的路由器, will cure innumerable headaches 和 make sure your household runs much more smoothly.



Anybody can get an internet connection up 和 running in a few minutes by using their router's quick start guide, but most models hide lesser-known treasures in their setup menus. If you want to get the most value possible out of your router investment, 多花点时间来探索这些高级选项. 如果你还想买个新路由器, consider going beyond the box's features list 和 the product's spec sheet. 下载手册, 深入研究这些高级选项, 和 see which features will deliver the most value in your environment. 一旦你开始工作, 测试你的网速. 如果你需要更多的指导,请查看betway体育的高级技巧: 10个提高Wi-Fi速度的方法 和 解决网络连接故障的12个技巧.

(Editors' Note: John 德莱尼 also contributed to this article.)


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