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betway体育的平板电脑可能看起来像一个超大尺寸的iPhone, but it has unique features even the most seasoned iOS veteran must learn. 以下是最需要了解的iPad隐藏功能.


任何熟悉iPhone界面的人在掌握iPad时都不会遇到什么困难. But with Apple splitting the two devices' operating systems into iOS 和 iPadOS, there are now some iPad-specific functions tablet owners should know.

为什么要创建另一个操作系统? Because there are lots of functions that only work with the larger screen. Rather than have that code taking up space on i手机, it's only on iPads. What type of functions? 继续阅读,了解让betway体育最大的触摸屏在你的日常生活中更有价值的秘密.

想了解更多,请深入了解 betway体育的iPhone小贴士故事,以及如何做的基本原则 navigate an iPad without a home button 以及如何 改变图标和文本的外观和感觉.



码头—a toolbar of apps at the bottom of the iPad screen—isn't like the one on the iPhone. 即使是在应用程序中,你也可以通过从屏幕底部缓慢向上滑动来访问它. 更重要的是, 它有一个永久放置你经常访问的最喜欢的应用的插槽(最多13个),并且在最右边总是有2到3个插槽用于最近使用的应用, as well as apps you might have open on 你的iPhone or Mac (for use via 切换).

把应用程序放到基座上很简单:长按一个图标,就会启动“编辑主屏幕”(Edit 首页 Screen)选项,所有的图标都会在这个选项中晃动. Drag it down to the dock 和 put it in the position you want. This also works with folders.

分享 Your Safari Tabs Across 设备


另一种跨设备共享访问的方法是查看您在Safari浏览器上打开的标签, 说, 你的iPhone, also appear on iPad or Mac. You do this via iCloud Tabs. On the iPad (or iPhone) go to Settings> [your name] > iCloud 和 ensure Safari is switched on. 在Mac的“系统偏好”下做同样的操作.

现在, 如果你在iPad上打开Safari,点击tab按钮(它看起来像一个方框重叠在另一个方框上),或者捏一下屏幕, 你会看到你在iPad上打开的标签, plus a list of the tabs open on your other Apple devices at the bottom of the screen. Scroll up to see them in full. (注意:你在一台设备上打开的标签可能需要几分钟才能在另一台设备上显示出来; 切换 更重要的是瞬时.)

分裂 the Keyboard for Thumb Comfort

split keyboard on the ipad with the three-option menu overlayed on the right side

如果你习惯了在你的iPhone上只使用拇指, the iPad keyboard can be split in half to replicate the iOS experience.

当键盘在屏幕底部打开时, 长按右下角的键盘键. 菜单选项包括 出坞 (so the keyboard "floats"), 浮动 (so you get a mini iPhone-sized keyboard you can put anywhere on the screen), 分裂 (见上图).To undo, long-press again 和 select Merge or pinch outward with two fingers.

On any of these keyboards, you can still hold down a finger on the space bar to turn the whole keyboard into a 触控板,这样你就可以把光标放在任何地方进行输入.

Swipe Down for Punctuation 和 Symbols


请注意,键盘上的每个字母上面都有一个对应的符号, 在灰色的. 这些是符号, 标点符号, or numbers you get if you hit the shift key on either side of the space bar. But you don't have to shift. 只需在单个键上快速向下滑动. 例如, tap the E key to get an E, but swipe down on it 和 you get a 3.

否则,点击 .?123 button for those symbols, plus a 新 set of symbols you can swipe to get (swipe the # key to get £, 例如). 双击“大写锁定”按钮.

Take Multitask to Task

GIF of opening a 略过 window
Opening a 略过 window.

可以说, the most important thing that sets iPadOS apart from iOS is the ability to multitask, or having more than one app open at a time (though picture-in-picture mode 在iPhone上是可行的 用iOS 14). You do this either with a 略过 (如上图所示),一个应用程序位于另一个应用程序之上,或者 拆分视图在美国,两个应用并排放置,便于在它们之间来回复制数据.

Switching between 略过 windows.

首先,确保“多任务处理”在下面打开 Settings > 首页 Screen & 码头 > Multitasking. To open a 略过 app, 从屏幕底部慢慢向上滑动手指(刚好能把手指拉上来),就可以打开基座了, 还不足以切换到应用程序模式). Hold your finger on the app you want to launch 和 drag it up to the left or right. 要在“滑过”窗口之间切换,请从“滑过”窗口的底部向上滑动.

For a side-by-side 拆分视图, do the same thing as above, 然后按住“滑过”窗口的顶部,稍微向右(或向左)拖动, depending on where you want it). 你可以在分屏视图中有两个相同的应用程序,比如Safari浏览器的两个实例.


Want a third app active? Drag up a 略过 app on top of your two 拆分视图 apps.

注意,不是所有的应用程序支持滑动和分屏视图. 要了解更多关于如何做到这一点的细节,请阅读 How to Use Multitasking on Your iPad.

Drag 和 Drop Between Apps

的 glorious thing about the multitasking option is the ability to 拖拽 text or other info between apps. Copy 和 paste is so 2019.

设置分屏视图窗口与Safari旁边的笔记, 例如, 你还可以复制文本(按住手指选择一个单词), then drag to select more), URLs. It also works with pictures. 例如, the Photos app next to Mail, 消息, 或者Notes可以让你拖放你难忘的数字图像,在一个全新的环境中分享或保存. 上面来自betway体育支持的视频展示了如何拖动多张照片(你需要多个手指).

dragging a photo from a 个人电脑 story in safari over to the 不es app in split view
Dragging a photo from a 个人电脑 story to the Notes app in 拆分视图.

你不局限于在分屏视图或滑动应用中拖放,但它们让这变得更容易. 这种“老式”的方式从iOS 11开始就存在了. Hold a finger down on an item to copy/drag (like a phone number from the Contacts app). With your other h和, slide up from the bottom of the screen to get the dock. 的n drag the copied/dragged item atop an icon in the dock (like the Mail app). Keep a finger on it until the app opens, then lift your finger to drop. 你也可以在视频中看到(从1:07开始).

当然,并不是每个应用程序都支持拖放. You may need to experiment. But beyond the apps created by Apple, 你可以在谷歌文档中找到对它的支持, 铬, An不able, 推特, Ever不e, 航空邮件, ,更多的.


edit screen after taking a screenshot

有时候你需要把iPad上发生的事情截屏来分享或分享. For a still image, it's easy. 如果你的iPad有 主页按钮,按一下,然后 睡眠/唤醒按钮 同时. If you don't have a home button, press 电源和音量增大 同时. 如果你有 betway体育的铅笔 触控笔,从底部向上滑动. 您可以在拍摄图像后对其进行注释(当然,用betway体育的铅笔注释要容易得多). 保存到你的照片库中.

iOS和iPadOS现在也允许全屏录制,即屏幕上发生的视频. 更多信息,阅读 如何录制iPhone或iPad的屏幕.

Guide Access to One App Only

Got a kid who wants to play with a single app on your phone, 但你总是以某种方式给你的老板发邮件? 用引导访问把他们锁定在那个应用程序中.

打开它 Settings > 可访问性 > Guided Access. 一旦在, open the app for the kid, 三次点击你的睡眠/唤醒按钮(或主页键, 如果你有一个),你要么开始引导访问,要么得到一个可访问快捷方式的菜单, 如果你有一个以上的功能. 然后,唯一可访问的应用程序是正在运行的. No swiping up or down to get Notifications, Control Center, or other apps. 你得再轻敲三下才能关掉. Note: This makes you set up a passcode that is specific to the session, which isn't necessarily the passcode you use for your iPad overall, unless you specify that.


betway体育有笔记本电脑. But if you use your iPad like one, it helps to be able to use a mouse or 触控板. Which is entirely possible now. Take an unpaired Bluetooth-capable pointing device, pair it to the iPad via Settings > Bluetooth, begin moving the cursor. It's 不 really a cursor, but actually a circular dot, 你真的把鼠标当作一个虚拟的指尖来使用. 滚动轮可以显示搜索面板,也可以滚动页面. You can learn a lot more by reading How to Use a Mouse With iPadOS



Adding a mouse to an iPad is fun. 把iPad加到你的电脑上——不管是Mac电脑还是windows电脑——是令人难以置信的,因为它把iPad变成了第二个(或第三个或第四个)屏幕. Mac (macOS Catalina或更高版本), this feature is known as SideCar, 你可以通过USB甚至无线来实现, 只要两台设备都登录到同一个Apple ID. You'll use AirPlay to make it happen.

窗户 和 Android users will need a third-party app, but it's pretty easy. 读 如何在任何电脑上使用你的iPad作为第二个显示器 的指令.


adding 和 deleting widgets on iPados

With iPadOS, Apple has 拥抱小部件 在其平板电脑. 今天被称为视图, 当你从主屏幕或锁屏的左边缘向右滑动时,就可以快速浏览收藏应用中的信息. 将Today View固定到主屏幕(横屏模式), long-press on your screen until it enters edit mode (the apps will jiggle), toggle 保持在主屏幕 在.

To edit widgets, swipe up 和 tap Edit. Delete anything you don't want. 要添加更多,向上滑动,点击编辑,点击左上角的加号按钮的小部件选项.

iPadOS 15 将有能力在你想要的任何页面上的任何位置放置小部件,就像iPhone一样. 你还可以在betway体育应用程序中找到新的小工具,如联系人、应用商店和查找我,等等.


airtag, iphone, apple watch, ipad displaying find my screens

Finding a lost iPad is easy with the 找到我的 如果你有另一台betway体育设备,或者可以借一台. 使用在iPad上使用的相同Apple ID登录. 你会看到它试图先找到朋友,但点击 设备 图标来定位你的betway体育设备. Click on the missing iPad itself to narrow the search to its last known location.

Options like playing a sound 在iPad上 may help you track it if it's nearby. 你也可以点击 马克是失去了 so the device in question gets locked down enough that someone finding it can't access personal info; all they get is a lock screen telling them to return it. 的 nuclear option is to hit 删除这个设备 所以它不会落入坏人之手,即使iPad本身不会再回到你手中.

Note, you have to have already connected the iPad to your Apple ID 之前 它会丢失或被偷,因为这一切工作. And even that's 不 a guarantee. 更多信息, 阅读本指南.

Stay in the Picture With Center Stage


A feature unique to the iPad Pro 12.9英寸(第五代)或11英寸(第三代)的iPad Pro拥有1200万像素的前置超宽摄像头,具有122度视场,可以让你在FaceTime视频通话时保持在画面中心. You can activate or deactivate it in Settings > FaceTime > Center Stage, or swipe up from the bottom during a call 和 activate it on the fly. It'll keep you centered or zoom in 和 out as other people come on camera.



2nd generation betway体育的铅笔 is one of those rare products to earn five out of five 明星s from 个人电脑. It's practically perfect in every way, despite its $129 price tag. 它只适用于选定的ipad - ipad Pro 12.9英寸(3, 4th, 和第五代), 11英寸的iPad Pro(第一, 2nd, 和第三代), iPad Air (4th generation)—so make sure yours is compatible. 但它可以通过磁性连接到iPad上充电. 简单地把 betway体育的铅笔 to the side via the magnet. 你可能想要确认蓝牙是打开的.



Scribble is what Apple calls its support for h和writing-to-text, 尤其是用betway体育铅笔的时候. It's supported in most apps, especially those made by Apple, like the Notes app. 但它也可以在您遇到的任何文本字段中使用, 所以当你在iPad上浏览网页或其他地方时, 您可以使用铅笔在自动转换为可读文本的表单和字段上写答案.

Change the Pencil Double-Tap

双攻 the 2nd gen betway体育的铅笔 on an iPad will switch you back to the last tool you used. But you can switch that via Settings > betway体育的铅笔 在iPad上. 然后你可以选择是否从工具切换到橡皮擦, 最后使用的工具, or shows off the color palette.

Access Locked Notes via Pencil

If you've got an betway体育的铅笔, this is a slick trick for quick 不es. Double-tap the lock screen 在iPad上, 您还可以选择创建一个全新的笔记(或访问您最近的笔记),而无需解锁. You have to turn it on under Settings > Notes > Access Notes from Lock Screen. 这也设置了在Control Center中单击Notes图标而不首先解锁时所得到的结果, so it also works on iPhone.

Draw Perfection with Pencil

如果你用betway体育铅笔画一个几何形状, all without lifting the Pencil, 最后停顿一下, leaving the tip on the screen. Your sk等hy, str等hy imperfect shape will quickly be replaced by a perfect rendition. 形状识别支持以下形状:直线, 曲线, 广场, 矩形, 圆, 椭圆形, 心, 三角形, 明星, 云, 五角大楼, 认为泡沫, 概述了箭, continuous line with 90-degree turns, line with an arrow at end, a 曲线 with an arrow at the end. 将它们分层或成角度,使正方形看起来像钻石, 在里面写上你认为合适的单词.

Turn Anything 打印able Into a PDF

需要一个快速的方法来创建PDF,或者只是想保存一些项目,以便以后在任何设备上阅读? Make a PDF that'll last forever. 在查看要保存为PDF的内容时,请单击 分享 图标(箭头指向上方的方框),然后选择 打印 在共享表中(它有一个黑白图标. 但是 选择一个打印机. Scroll to the preview image 和 缩放和缩小 on the thumbnail image. 你现在会得到 分享 icon at the top that allows you to save the PDF to a place like Files, Dropbox; or the Notes app; or email it, 空投它, or send it via 消息, 松弛, 信号, 等. You can even send it to your Kindle app library for later reading.

即将到来的 in iPadOS 15


未来的ipados - 15版本有一些很酷的新功能. 都看看 在他们预计下个月到达之前.


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