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无论你是刚开始远程工作还是只是想提升自己, 这些建议可以帮助你保持高效和平衡.

Updated 2022年3月3日
Image: Getty Images/Justin Paget

从2020年3月左右开始,开始的人数比以往任何时候都多 在家工作,突然间. 组织和个人没有时间为远程工作做准备,也没有时间考虑过渡团队的最佳方式, processes, and culture to an online-only environment. 没有人知道(或目前还不知道)COVID-19大流行会持续多长时间,因此远程工作人员的数量会增加.

If you're new to the work-from-home lifestyle, 无论是由于冠状病毒还是因为你成功了 找一份远程工作, 你可能已经发现,你需要改变你的习惯和惯例,使在家工作的成功.

我已经100%远程工作七年多了, 其中大部分早在COVID-19大流行开始之前, 我甚至写了一本 远程工作书籍. Several of my friends and colleagues have led entire careers from home offices. betway体育每个人都面临着远程工作的独特挑战, not only because of our different personalities, 但也因为betway体育不同的生活方式和工作类型. Still, many of the core issues we face as remote workers are the same.

每个远程工作的人都必须弄清楚什么时候工作, 在哪里工作, 以及如何在工作和个人生活之间建立界限. 办公室设备呢?, 职业发展, 培训机会, and building relationships with colleagues? 

远程工作, especially when 在家工作 大多数时候, means figuring out these issues and others. Here are 20 tips for leading a better and 更有成效 remote-work life, based on my experience and what I've learned from others.

1. 保持有规律

Set a schedule and stick to it...大多数时候. 对于何时工作、何时下班有明确的指导方针,有助于许多远程工作者保持工作与生活的平衡. 

也就是说,当工作允许时,远程工作的最大好处之一就是灵活性. 有时你需要延长你的一天或早开始,以适应别人的时区. 当你做, 一定要比平时早一点起床,或者第二天早上多睡一会儿来弥补一下.

Automatic time-tracking apps, such as RescueTime,让你检查自己是否在坚持自己的计划. 它们还能帮你找出一天中什么时候效率最高,什么时候效率最低. 你可以利用这些信息来保护你最有可能完成困难工作的时间. 例如, if you tend to have high productivity between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m., don't schedule meetings during that time.

RescueTime productivity dashboard

2. 养成早晨习惯

Deciding you'll sit down at your desk and start work at a certain time is one thing. 建立一个引导你坐到椅子上的习惯是另一回事. 

A routine can be more powerful than a clock at helping you get started each day. 你早上的例行公事表明你要开始工作了? It might be making a cup of coffee before you 处理你的待办事项清单. 它可能是慢跑后回家或穿衣服. (Wearing pajamas is a work-from-home perk for some, but a bad strategy for others.) Look for an existing habit that you have, 比如刷牙或者遛狗回来, 作为你的信号. 这样,你就可以养成开始一天工作的新习惯.

我说的是“早晨规律”,但并不是每个在家工作的人都遵循朝九晚五的时间表. 你的“开始”可能是在一天的另一个时间. 尽管如此,寻找一个你已经存在的习惯,并试着在它之后开始你的工作. 

3. Set Ground Rules With the People in Your Space

Set ground rules with other people in your home or who share your space when you work. 

例如, if you have children who are 在家学习 或者在你还在工作的时候从学校回家, they need clear rules about what they can and cannot do during that time. 如果你和另一个在家工作的成年人共享一个空间, you may have to negotiate quiet times, 会议时间, 和任何共用的设备, 比如桌椅.

另外, 仅仅因为你在家,可以让服务人员进屋或照顾宠物,并不意味着其他家庭成员就应该认为你会一直这样做. 如果你选择这样分配家务的话, 这很好, 但如果你在家,就把所有事情都默认了, you may feel taken advantage of, and your productivity may suffer.

4. 安排休息

If you work for an organization, know the policy on break times and take them. 如果你是自雇, 白天给自己足够的时间远离电脑屏幕和电话. A lunch hour and two 15-minute breaks seem to be the standard for full-time US employees. For computer-based work and other sedentary work, it's important to stand up and move to get your blood circulating every so often, 至少每小时一次. 定期将眼睛移出屏幕也会有帮助,即使只是10-20秒的短暂休息.

5. Take Breaks in Their Entirety

Don't short-change yourself during breaks, especially your lunch hour or meal break. 

有一些应用程序,比如 超时Mac and Windows智能休息, that let you set a schedule for when you'll lock yourself out of your computer. RescueTime also has a pause feature that lets you time 15-minute and one-hour breaks. Don't need any more apps in your life? Set an alarm or timer on your phone, or mind the time with a standard clock. No matter how you track your breaks, make sure to take them in their entirety. 例如, if you plan for an hour break and return to your desk after only 40 minutes, 再走20分钟.

有关休息的更多信息,请参见: 如何更好地休息以提高工作效率.


6. Leave Home

在大流行期间,它是允许和安全的, get out of the house and move your body. Your body needs movement and blood circulation. 另外,新鲜空气和自然光线对你也有好处. 理想的情况是,在工作前、工作中和工作后,至少到外面走走.

This same advice applies to people who work in traditional office settings, too. 在工作时间内,每天至少离开办公楼一次.

如果你的个人情况和当地条件允许的话, 你也可以去咖啡馆, libraries, 共同工作空间打破了呆在家里的单调. 那太好了, too, 但真正重要的是离开家, get some air and natural light, and move. 

You don't have to go to crowded public spaces to get away from your solo workspace. 散步. 替花园除草. 坐在门廊上. 你们明白了吧.

7. Don't Hesitate to Ask for What You Need

If you're employed by a company or organization that supports your work-from-home setup, request the equipment you need as soon as you start 在家工作, 或者在几天内意识到你需要一些新的东西. 

尽早建立一个先例是非常重要的,你会要求你需要什么来让你的工作轻松地完成. These items might include the right monitor, keyboard, mouse,椅子,桌子, printer软件,等等. 习惯了远程办公员工的组织通常都有家庭办公设备的预算. Ask what it is and how often it's renewed. 问一问是否有贷款协议,谁来支付退货运费或过期设备的处理费用,也无伤大做. 一些远程组织允许员工请顾问来确保他们的工作空间是安全的 设置符合人体工程学

如果你短期在家工作,希望在安全的情况下回到办公室, 要求你需要的东西, but be willing to make acceptable compromises. 订购一个新的办公桌椅可能是不可能的. Instead, a mouse, keyboard, 笔记本电脑立管, and a back-supporting cushion go a long way and all together can cost less than $200. 还有其他的 cheap and easy ways to improve your home office, too.

Laptop on a laptop stand with a keyboard
来自Sonic Electronix的图像 (声波Electronix)

8. Keep a Dedicated Office Space

在理想的世界里, 远程员工将不仅有一个专用的办公室, 还有两台电脑, one for work and one for personal use. It's more secure for the employer, and it lets you do all your NSFW activities in private. 

但并不是每个人在家里都有空余的房间用作办公室, and keeping two machines isn't always realistic. 取而代之的是,专用一张桌子或桌子空间,以及一些只用于工作的外围设备. 例如,当你的笔记本电脑连接到显示器和外部键盘时,这就是工作时间. When it's on your lap, that's personal time. 你可能想走到最远 为工作(或学校)创建单独的用户帐户). 把工作时间和个人时间区分开来,即使是很小的一点,也能帮助你的大脑知道你什么时候下班, and that contributes to better work-life balance.

想要了解更多关于创建优秀工作空间的技巧,请看下面的一些 廉价和简单的方法来提升你的家庭办公室.

9. Maintain a Separate Phone Number

Set up a phone number that you only use for calls with colleagues and clients. It doesn't have to be a landline or a second 移动电话,甚至需要一张SIM卡. 可以是VoIP服务,如谷歌Voice或Skype. 

Similar to some of the other tips, having a separate phone number helps you manage your work-life balance.

10. Use a VPN

Use a VPN 当你连接到一个你无法控制的网络时. 这包括在共同工作空间、咖啡馆、图书馆、机场、酒店等的Wi-Fi. 组织通常有自己的vpn,非站点的员工需要访问某些服务器或必威betwayapp,这些服务器或必威betwayapp存储的信息仅供内部使用. In those cases, you'll also need to 在家使用VPN. 养成让你的VPN尽可能经常连接的习惯是个好主意,因为打开它总比不打开更安全. 

VPNs are one security measure, and there are other steps you can take to increase security while 在家工作. One more point about VPNs: When you're connected to an organization's network, 你的雇主可以很容易地看到你在做什么, so don't view porn via a corporate VPN.

11. 与同事交往

孤独, 断开连接, 隔离是远程工作生活中常见的问题, 特别是对于外向的. 具有远程办公文化的公司通常会提供社交方式. 例如, they might have channels in a 团队的消息传递应用程序比如Slack,谈论共同的兴趣或为同一地区的人组织聚会.

Figure out how much interaction you need to feel connected and included. 即使你非常内向,不喜欢社交, 尝试一些互动体验,这样当你决定要使用它们时,你就可以熟悉它们. 如果你所在的公司文化比较偏远, 你可能需要更积极主动地培养关系.

和团队聊天应用一样,它也是社交的绝佳场所, they tend to create distractions, too; check out these tips on how not to get overwhelmed by Slack.


12. 'Show Up' to Meetings and Be Heard

Certainly, you'll take part in 视频会议 and conference calls while working remotely, 但有时参加一些非强制性会议也是个好主意, too. Be sure to speak up during meetings so everyone knows you're on the call. 一句简单的“谢谢大家”. Bye!结尾会让你的存在被人知道.

如果您的公司使用Zoom会议进行视频会议, 你可以通过betway体育的故事迅速掌握它的来龙去脉: Top Zoom Tips for a Locked-Down World

13. 来

If your employer is lax about getting you in a room with other employees, 在合同中要求一年或半年一次的旅行. 它可以用于计划、培训或团队建设. Or, tack it onto some other business event, such as a yearly fiscal meeting, 附近的会议, 或者办公室节日聚会. Don't wait around for someone to invite you to the office or an event. 要积极主动.

对于那些意想不到的在家工作的人,他们也试图减少面对面的接触, set up a video call with your colleagues or manager once a week to check in. Don't be afraid to let check-in meetings be as short as they need to be. Sometimes a five-minute conversation is all it takes to stay connected.

14. 请病假

When you're not well, take time off. If sick days are part of your compensation package, take the time off that you need. Not taking it is like throwing away money!

如果你是个体经营者,在病假期间没有工资, 克服疾病继续工作是很有诱惑力的. 为了你的长期健康和生产力,记住这一点, it's best to rest and get better so that you can get back to work at full capacity.

15. Look for Training and Learning Opportunities

当你和同事不在办公室的时候, you might miss out on training and skills development courses that are taught in person. Your company might even forget to add you to its 在线培训 courses. 人们很容易认为这是一颗躲过了的子弹, but you might be missing out on an opportunity to learn something useful. Speak up and make sure you're included.

In addition to top-down training, you can request online or in-person courses, training, 如果你需要的话,还可以做教练. 也有很多 在线学习必威betwayapp that teach business soft skills, programming, software skills, and other courses. Remote companies often have a budget for learning and skills training. 如果你的组织没有,问问他们是否可以添加.

在non-pandemic时期, 100%远程工作的人可能会寻找在公司总部或附近学习的机会. 这样一来,你就能同时得到培训和与同事见面的机会.

16. 在交流


Tell everyone who needs to know about your schedule and availability often. 不要以为他们会记得. 当你完成了一个项目或重要的任务时,说出来. 过度沟通并不意味着你必须写一篇五段式的文章来解释你的每一个动作, but it does mean repeating yourself. Joke about how you must have mentioned your upcoming vacation six times already, 然后再提一遍.

17. 是积极的

Reading tone in written messages is really difficult in all-remote settings. The less face time you have with people, the more an intentionally concise message can come off as terse and short-tempered.

在远程工作环境中, 每个人都要积极, 你可能会觉得自己过于积极, gushy even. Otherwise, you risk sounding like a jerk. 这很不幸,但却是事实. So embrace the exclamation point! 找到你最喜欢的表情符号. 你会需要它们:D

18. 充分利用你的特殊待遇

For years, I've baked a loaf of bread nearly every week, and usually during the workweek. Why? Because I was home and I could. 我喜欢烤面包, but you need to be home to tend to it once an hour or so to punch down the dough, 形状的面包, 让它烘烤. 它不需要很多动手的时间,但你需要 there. 当我在办公室全职工作时,我很难找到半天的时间在家烤东西.

远程工作 comes with unique perks. 好好利用他们. 这是你应得的.

图片由Vicky Ng在Unsplash拍摄 (Vicky Ng Unsplash)

19. Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself or Others

Successful remote employees have a reputation for being extremely disciplined. After all, it takes serious focus to do any full-time job from an unconventional space. 

也就是说,每个人有时都会让自己的注意力涣散. If you find yourself working one minute and researching vacation house rentals the next, don't reprimand yourself too harshly. Instead, ask yourself whether people in an office setting do the same thing. 如果答案是肯定的,那就放自己一马,然后继续工作. Above all, remember, you need to balance productivity with self-care. Otherwise, you risk burning out.

在COVID-19大流行期间,但实际上是在任何时候,betway体育都需要把同样的善良和宽容的态度延伸给betway体育的同事, clients, and bosses. There is an extraordinary amount of stress and anxiety during a global pandemic. Keep in mind that you may not know what another person is going through not only in life, but also in their home work environment. 放他们一马吧.

20. 用常规方式结束一天

Just as you should start your day with a routine, 养成一个标志着工作日结束的习惯. 它可能是一个商业信息应用程序的结尾,一个晚上遛狗,或一个家庭瑜伽课程. 只要简单地关闭电脑,打开你最喜欢的播客就可以了. Whatever you choose, do it consistently to mark the end of working hours.


Above all else, figure out what works best for you. Sometimes the answer is apparent, 但其他时候,你可能需要从其他与你处境相同的远程工作者那里获得一些灵感. A supportive community does exist, whether you find them in your organization's Slack channel or online through blogs or Twitter. Consider, too, that you might need to 改变你的日常生活 once in a while, lest it gets too...routine.


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