Personal Vs Business Blogging

I have recently been writing in my personal blog more so than this blog, as you can tell since I haven’t updated since December. I am kind of struggling with knowing when write there and when to write here since a lot of what I DO I’m personally interested. I don’t just have a job for a job’s sake. I like psychology, persuasion, blogging, testing, and writing for its own sake. Over the years through my personal blog I have actually met and cultivated relationships with others which I normally would not have been able to do, since I express myself better through text than verbally. Business blogging I feel should be viewed from the outside looking in and should provide some type of value to the reader to use in his/her field. Once I had a horrible experience with my family finding one of my personal blogs and could never let it happen again. Honestly I shouldn’t care though. I am who I am. My life is about to get awesome and I may incorporate more personal topics into this blog with a business slant. I don’t want to borrow all my new vocabulary from Timothy Ferriss, but it will be an adventure coming up with my own.