The Richards Group Partnership

Dallas Skyline from the Richards Group

Today, my colleagues and I met with the The Richards Group. They are now our agency of record for the company in-which I am employed. In case you don’t know, I am the Director of Digital Strategy for a dual-branded high-end custom clothing and retail men’s apparel company. I’m excited to have a larger team of people to help bring ideas and executive the digital work in order to grow nationwide.

The Richards Group building is actually only a five minute walk from the flagship Dallas stores and office. We all met at 8:30am and walked over at 9:00am. TRG is helping us with reporting, paid search and PR. In my career, this is a great place to be. I’ve worked at agencies, in-house agencies, directly for companies.

After being in charge of all digital channels for more than a year, I’m getting a little bit of a reprieve. Our team has grown from myself and the Director of Marketing, to a Digital Project Manager and Creative Specialist/Photographer. Thus, that’s four core people that operate the digital program.