Time to do it – Write

It’s my intention to write everyday. I am temporarily, and hopefully permanently, removing the inhibition to share my thoughts and feelings a little more off-the-cuff. Many of the posts below I spent hours agonizing over, and they stayed in the drafts folder for years. That’s not the type of writer I want to be. It’s not practical. While finding a voice, it’s OK to fail.

I have spent so much time pondering prose to write in-which I rarely publish. This has got to change. I need to be more prolific to practice and hone the craft of writing. I need to make mistakes. The scarcity of my writing has to do some with ego; myself wanting to create some sort of guru persona and being overly-careful with what I print.

My heroes always seemed so polished, but I must realize they too started where I am. It takes writing to find that unique voice in-which to be that person is eventually known. I need to be more honest. Here is my shot at transparency.

A few of my heroes wrote his/her way to success, and it seems to be more organic to me to share my journey, as if I have others watching of which makes me more accountable. They each had something in common – a big idea and a theme. I’m coming upon my 35th birthday, and I need to consider the kind of legacy I will be leaving. With that said, I will writing daily.

Some days may be good, others not so great, but I must do it daily. For example, today’s post doesn’t have a catchy headline or any sage advice. I’m warming up though. I have many ideas tucked away that will soon be unfolding.

My goal is not just to write daily, but to publish daily, at least 300 words. Join me on this journey. This is a journey of clarity-seeking, purpose pondering, value-giving. My goal is to give thoughts, ideas, and actionable philosophies to those seeking.

My personality type values precision, however we also value consuming a 360 degree view of information before expressing an informed opinion. Thus, I may be tapping more into my intuitive side, and less into my data in, data out, tendencies.

As I said, clarity of voice, as well as clarity of direction, are two areas I seek. So it begins.